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We clean up after ourselves – a part of the base values of EWENT is environmental responsibility.

We work in organized, efficient and proven ways for the benefit of our common environment and for the future.

We take part in the carbon footprint challenge of the event industry with a very timely, comprehensive and effective tool – we are compensating the carbon footprint caused by peat extraction in Finland by reforesting the Finnish nature.

Our views on concreteness and proven-ness: We plant pine seedlings in the visible “footprint” of peat extraction, and at the same time turn the cutover peatlands from a carbon source into a carbon sink. Our methods confirm the realization of our compensation – if necessary, even with our own eyes or together with our client.

Concrete Actions

The forest is planted with pine seedlings, which are planted on an area of 2,500 hectares, according to the reforestation instructions of cutover peatlands by the Finnish Forest Centre (Metsäkeskus). One pine seedling on the peatland binds 0.6 tonnes of carbon during its life cycle.

In addition to carbon sequestration, we take care of our environment by staying as much as possible away from the trend of using disposables. We always strive to find a solution for the reuse of event materials and offer our customers reusable elements, as well as their storage.

In addition, our digitized and highly refined operating model reduces the impact on the environment by rationalizing material flow and production, as well as reducing wastage.

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