Ewent Oy

A full-service event agency


We steer our own time to our clients – and offer them only the best.


EWENT is a new event organizing agency founded by experienced agents, where solid expertise, quality and the desire to offer only the best for our clients meet.


The most digitized workflow in the industry enables an efficient and effortless project from start to finish. Our information systems produce more valuable data for our clients than before.

Our Environmental Responsibility

Efficiency is a part of our environmental program, with the help of which we leave as little trace of our events as possible. We compensate our part concretely and locally in the Finnish nature.

Our Story & Key Personnel

Markku Lavonius

Markku is our company’s CEO and has been part of founding, leading and developing multiple successful businesses over the years.

During the years Markku has accumulated a wide range of experience as entrepreneur, shareholder and director in the event, restaurant and food industries.

The appetite and passion for returning to the event industry dates back to the times of Kohu-Live, where Markku acted as shareholder and CEO.

From those years, I was left with a feeling that the journey was sort of cut off, when Kohu-Live was successfully sold to a new owner. The thought of founding Ewent and continuing with a mutual project immediately felt like an excellent next step, which I didn’t doubt for a single moment. The story gets its sequel and the journey continues!

Jonina Korander

Jonina has worked in different positions in the event industry since 1997, when her career as an entrepreneur began. Jonina was also a founding shareholder in the former Kohu-Live.

A lot has happened and many things have changed in the industry during 20 years. However, one thing remains – Jonina’s passion for customer service, field work and sales.

When this possibility was introduced to me, I lit up immediately. Ewent instantly gave me a warm and homely feeling. Also the values of Ewent matched mine, so making the final decision to join was fast and easy. As a super social person, I’m burning with excitement to get to create a new community where the focus is on the people and where environmental issues are taken into consideration better than before. It’s great to get to work in this family of professional people who I can trust and already know.

Ville Huovila

Ville is an expert in the field of event management, with 12 years of experience and an exceptionally wide range of expertise in working with different projects.

Ville has been an entrepreneur since 2008 and was also a shareholder in the former Kohu-Live.

Before his career in the event industry Ville worked in the world of advertising agencies for 10 years as Art Director.

The founding of Ewent was not a “spur of the moment” kind of thing. Although the thought of it and the launch of it with this team immediately felt right and effortless, it took time to transfer the experience brought by tens of years of events into the foundation, the processes and the system of our company. It was worth waiting for – we are now ready to serve our clients with high quality, digitally, efficiently and of course sustainably.


Fairs &


Exhibition units of all sizes from planning to execution.

The basis of the planning of each unit is an exhibition concept, either provided by the client or created by us as a result of our planning process. The concept is implemented in the invitation process, on the outfits of the staff, on the prints handed out and so on.

We are very familiar with measuring productiveness and the KPI of participation in fairs and expos – we measure and report the customer flow, leads, smiles, gazings, age or sex all according to your wishes.

We have solid experience with both large design units of hundreds of square meters indoors or outdoors, as well as with small stands, which we set up weekly all around Finland. We take care of the logistics and, if needed, also of the storage of the units.

Festivals &

Urban Events

A successful event in festival surroundings takes thorough planning and the consideration of many view-points.

Festivals with their characteristics are a very familiar operating environment to us. We know the possibilities festivals can offer, but also the challenges and requirements set by the festival environment when it comes to both safety and results.

We have operated successfully in all significant festivals in Finland over the past 15 years. We do everything from planning to execution when needed and provide professional staff to your festival unit, according to your wishes.

Ewent festivals
Ewent events
Ewent events
Ewent events

Planning &

Execution of Events

Business and consumer events from planning to execution.

In the beginning of the planning process we want to be as inquisitive as possible in order to get all possible (and even the impossible) information on the table.

Our plans are always driven by the goals of the event and the budget dictated by the client, which works as a boundary for the progression. When the plans are ready, we make a structurally clear and well-explained budget for the client.

In the execution process we focus all our experience and expertise into reaching the goals of the project. After the event we deliver reports about the procession, the results of the event and deconstruct the project together with the client.

Would you like to organize your event without stress?

Our flexible and efficient digital methods enable an easier flow and give you time to focus on what’s relevant – your own business.

Event Workers
Event Workers

Event Workers &


Precise data from location and experts in the field, fit especially for your event.

We interview and train all of our event workers and promoters according to the strict quality requirements and processes of ours.

We have the best digital systems in our disposal, with which we want to guarantee the best possible interface for the job and flexible tools for reporting back about the gigs.

For our clients these tools enable the precise collection of data from the field and the directing of the best experts to the right gigs, exactly as the client needs them.

Promotions &


We plan and carry out promotional campaigns and tours with solid experience, all the way from choosing staff to logistics and production of materials.

We do all kinds of consumer promotions, showcases and for example product launchings or product tastings nationwide.

Our advanced information systems enable the use of location information, in both the planning of tours and promotional campaigns, as well as in directing and monitoring the implementation process.

Promotions & Tours
Promotions & Tours
Promotions & Tours
Promotions & Tours

Would you like to make an appointment?

We think your event deserves only the best, whether it’s big or small. Our ways of working are scalable to events of all sizes and we take care of everything, from planning to execution to aftersales marketing.

In-store &

Event Structures

Temporary event structures, permanent in-store solutions and display of products and brands indoors.

In addition to temporary structures for events, we also plan and implement permanent display structures for stores, shopping malls and other public spaces.

Our strength in projects with in-store displays is our knowledge about interfaces, which supports our role especially in the layout design phase.

We design and produce everything needed for the retail environment from furniture and materials to branding.

Sales &

Events training

Do you need product training or sales training for your staff or representatives?

In addition to our own workers we train the staff, sales personnel and representatives of our clients.

We carry out the training in our clients facilities or sales points with solid experience.

In addition to product training we train our clients’ staff in customer service and for exhibition work.

Ewent Training
Ewent Digital Content
Ewent Digital Content
Ewent Printed Materials
Ewent Printed Materials

Digital Content &

Printed Materials

We produce all digital and printed materials for our clients’ projects ready for use.

With our broad experience we produce all the digital content for your event, from brand activation games to the visually impressive surroundings and soundscapes of virtual worlds.

We are well familiar with prints and advertising materials of all sizes, from invitations to event websites and outdoor advertising. We also produce high quality video recaps and photo collections of the events for our clients.

Digital Workflow &


Smooth project management, less impact on the environment and valuable data about your event to make your decisions about your business easier.

Our goal is to be the most advanced company in the event industry when it comes to information technology systems. Our modern system reduces overlapping working stages and offers a smoother and more humane way of working also to our staff. Our methods also lessen our environmental impact by rationalizing material flow and production and by reducing wastage.

With the help of our systems we collect and report data about all our events to our clients and use location information in a new way in this industry.